Temporary henna tattoos

Carlana Art Studio offers drawings of traditional Indian henna tattoos on a body.
Mendi (mehendi) – an art of body henna tattoos that originated approximately 5000 years ago and now is the most widely used in India, North Africa and Arab countries. Currently this type of temporary tattoos has become increasingly popular in European countries.
Traditional Indian henna tattoos are applied most often on your hands or feet and are of intricate floral designs, reminiscent of lace. Depending on the type of henna, tatoos can have different colors - from orange to dark brown. The durability of such a tattoo depends on many factors: type of henna, skin type, frequency of bathing, etc. Most often, henna tattoos hold on the body from 5 days to two weeks.
Henna tattoos are a fashion trend of today. They will help  tocreate a unique image, to emphasize the beauty of your hands or feet on the beach and at the party.
Carlana Art Studio offers more than 500 traditional Indian designs for making henna tattoos, creation of individual sketches for house parties in the eastern style, hen parties, beach parties, birthdays, where all guests put little henna tattoos. Henna tattoos are a fashion trend of today which creates a unique image and add zest to the celebration.