Each of us dreams of a miracle of reincarnation. Children want to be pirates and princesses, dogs and tigers. Adults - tough guys with tattoos on his arm, lady vamp in an evening dress with incredible lacy pattern on the white shoulders.
To make the dream a reality, to create a holiday of reincarnation, to paint your life in bright colors will help you studio Carlana Art.
Carlana Art Studio offers a variety of facepainting and body art:

- Facepainting with water-soluble anti-allergic paints produced in England, suitable for children and adults
- Temporary henna tattoos in the European style
- Temporary henna tattoos in the Indian style
- Temporary jagua tattoos
- Temporary tattoos with waterproof multi-colored glitter
- Body art for pregnant women (maternity body art)
- Temporary airbrush tattoos
- Temporary glitter tattoos for evening and wedding dresses
- Esoteric tattoos
and much more

Services provided by Carlana Art Studio will make the following activities more interesting and bright:
- Children birthdays
- Adult Birthdays
- Anniversaries
- Themed parties in oriental style
- Hen parties
- Graduation nights
- Photo sessions for pregnant women
- Age celebrations
- Photo sessions, fashion shows
- Corporate events
- Sports holidays
- Private parties